The comfortable living areas are perfectly complimented by the expansive outdoor spaces and open to terraces and grounds that include well-manicured lawns, with magnolia, dogwood and tulip trees, that lead to an elegant English formal garden, complete with a water lily pond, walk through arbor, and granite walls. Granite steps lead from the upper lawn to a lower lawn where you’ll find a gazebo surrounded by beautiful tall, old oak trees and perfectly placed natural rock outcroppings. Take a different path and follow the steps to the beach terrace, an ideal place to picnic, sunbathe, watch friends swimming in the sea, or enjoy an evening cocktail. Or, follow the steps down to the beach and experience one of the few beaches in the world whose white sand “sings” when you walk on it. Enjoy a stroll on the beach, take a swim, go kayaking along the coast, or explore the 5 acre private island at low tide.